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Renton, WA 98059
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King County Water District #90

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"Voluntary" Restriction Stage - Water Saving Tips as of 8/11/15

"Advisory" Restriction Stage - Saving Tips as of 7/27/15

Top Tips for reducing water use

  • Let your lawn go dormant and limit plant watering to twice a week.
  • Water Early or Late - Water before 8 a.m. or after 7 p.m., which reduces evaporation.
  • Wash your vehicle(s) at locations that recycle water.
  • Do only essential pressure washing.
  • Water Deeply, But Infrequently - It’s better to have one or two deep waterings, rather than several shallow waterings.
  • Fix Leaks - Fix obvious indoor and outdoor leaks such as at faucets, hose bibs, and sprinkler spray heads. Check for less obvious leaks such as silent toilet leaks. Put several drops of food coloring in your toilet tank; after 10 minutes if you have color in the toilet bowl, you have a flapper leak.
  • Use a Broom, Not a Hose - Use a broom, rather than a hose, to clean sidewalks, driveways and patios.
  • Wash Full Loads - Wait until your clothes washer and dishwasher are full before starting.
  • Reduce showering times.

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are sneaky. Many toilet leaks are silent and can occur without you knowing, but fixing them is pretty simple. Learn more about fixing toilet leaks.

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