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Payment Options

Pay or View your bill

Please Note:

Doxo is NOT an authorized 3rd-party payer.  Do not make your payment through Doxo.  Follow one of the methods listed below.

  1. Automatic Payments via Checking Account

With this option, your payment will be taken directly out of your checking account. This is our preferred payment method because it is a free service and ensures that your payments will never be late. The amount due will be automatically deducted from your bank around the 15th of the month following your invoice date. You will still receive a copy of your bill.

Click here to begin the process (PDF)

Please note: If you signed up for Automatic Payments directly with KCWD90 via Checking Account, do not turn on Auto Pay online via InvoiceCloud. This will cancel your free service with our office and change your billing preference to InvoiceCloud, which has a processing fee attached to it. 

2. Pay Online via InvoiceCloud (convenience fee of $2.95 with each transaction)

We are excited to offer customers an easy and convenient method to view and pay their water bills online via InvoiceCloud. Click here to access InvoiceCloud.  

You will need to provide your 7-digit account number and the last name of the account holder. 

A convenience fee of $2.95 will be charged for all credit cards and electronic checks (ACH/EFT). The maximum transaction amount for credit cards is $300; there is no maximum transaction amount for electronic checks. If you pay with a credit card and your invoice is larger than $300, you will have to make an additional payment to cover your remaining balance. There will be a convenenice fee for each transaction. 

Register your account online to use extended features such as managing payments, notifications, and billing preferences. Customers who register an account will also be able to link and pay multiple accounts with a single payment. 

Your InvoiceCloud account is managed entirely by you. Although we can access it, any changes that need to be made must be made by you (such as paperless setup and updates to credit card information). If you later move and close your account with our office, you must also separately close your InvoiceCloud account. We are not able to do this for you.

3. Pay by Phone via InvoiceCloud (convenience fee $3.45 with each transaction)

Call 1-855-984-1191. You will need to provide your 7-digit account number. A convenience fee of $3.45 will be charged. The maximum transaction amount is $300. For invoices larger than $300, you will have to make an additional payment to cover your remaining balance. There will be a convenience fee for each transaction. 

4. Pay by Mail

Make checks payable to KCWD90 or Water District #90. Please allow 4-5 working days when mailing payments, as postmarks will not be considered. Please return your invoice stub with your payment. To ensure proper credit, we ask that you write your account number on the memo line of your check. Please do not staple or tape.

5. Pay in Person

Cash, check, and money orders are accepted in person at our administrative office located at 15606 SE 128th Street, Renton, Washington 98059 during our normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. We also have a dropbox located near the entrance of the parking lot. 


Please Note: Doxo is NOT an authorized 3rd-party payer.

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