Lead Service Line Inventory

LEAD the Metal : /led/ (Pb)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is requiring that all Water Districts perform a Lead Service Line Inventory and provide the results to the EPA in an effort to significantly lower the risk of exposure to lead and copper in the Nation's drinking water. The service line is the line that runs from the main to the meter (owned by the District) and from the meter to the home (owned by the Homeowner). The District has never used lead in service lines from the main to the meter and use of lead service lines was banned in all of King County in 1968. However, homes built before 1968 could have lead from the meter to the house. The District is compiling a list of homes that have lead service lines and we need your help.

If your home was built during or prior to 1968, it could potentially have a lead service line. We would like to gather some information from you by having you fill out the form below. This is the first step in establishing a Lead Service Line Inventory and we appreciate your participation.

If you would prefer to complete this form offline and mail it to us, please download the form here.

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