Mission and Values

Team 90

Mission Statement

The mission of KCWD 90 is to provide safe and reliable drinking water to District customers at a reasonable rate.

In support of our Mission Statement, the KCWD 90 employees are committed to actively integrating the following five Values into our daily work:


  1. Communication: We take responsibility to accurately and effectively convey information with respect and empathy. We are courteous and empathetic toward our customers and co-workers alike.
  2. Teamwork: Each day, we work cooperatively toward the District's established goals. We cultivate a culture of respect through every interaction by listening with the intent to understand each other and our customers' needs.
  3. Customer Service: Together, we build good customer relationships by meeting customer's needs with respect and care. We are responsive to internal and external customer needs using exceptional customer service skills.
  4. Professionalism: We are all a part of one Team and we work together as a group of highly-qualified and skilled staff that take initiative and can adapt to any situation.
  5. Stewardship: All staff is encouraged to care for District resources with foresight, integrity and accountability. We each take initiative to establish credibility and good faith among those with whom we serve and with whom we work.

By demonstrating an everyday dedication to these values, we recognize that our actions result in being good stewards of the valuable resources we are here to protect and serve. We strive to live these values individually and as an organization. We are flexible and resilient. We recognize that flexibility in the face of changing priorities is key to our success. We are always looking for better ways to do things, as we constantly seek new ways to grow and improve.