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King County Water District #90

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Special Notice, June, 2019 


To:     Board of Commissioners and District Customers

From: Darcey J. Peterson, General Manager

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2019


Dear KCWD90 Water District Customers: 

The Saving Water Partnership is a group of local water utilities in Seattle and King County working together to help customers save water and money. KCWD90 is a member of the Saving Water Partnership. Every 6 to 10 years, the Saving Water Partnership is required to develop a regional goal to encourage water conservation. Water conservation is essential to our long-term water supply outlook and can also help customers save money on their water and sewer bills.Below is the current Water Use Efficiency Goal along with the new proposed goal for 2019-2028. If you have any questions about the goal, please contact the District’s General Manager at A public meeting to discuss the new goal will be held on Tuesday, July 2, 2019, during the regular Board meeting beginning at 4:30 pm. 


Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Goals:

  • Previous Goal 2013-2018:


“Reduce per capita water use from current levels so that

the total average annual retail water use of the members of the Saving Water Partnership

is less than 105 million gallons a day (mgd) from 2013 through 2018,

despite forecasted population growth.”

  • New Goal 2019-2028:

“Keep the total average annual retail water use of SWP members

under 110 mgd through 2028,

despite forecasted population growth, by reducing per capita water use.”



 We're glad you're here and hope this website will provide you with useful information about King County Water District #90 -- your local water service provider. 


Mission Statement: The mission of KCWD90 is to provide safe and reliable drinking water to District customers at a reasonable rate.


                                  Who We Are and Who We Serve

Our Three Commissioners    King County Water District #90 (KCWD90) is a Special Purpose District located in the Renton Highlands area of unincorporated King County. The District’s Water Service Area is presently bounded on the west by the City of Renton. Coal Creek Utility District (CCUD) is adjacent to the northwesterly corner of the District’s Water Service Area. To the south, the Cedar River is the boundary between the District and Cedar River Water & Sewer District (CRWSD). Other adjacent water purveyors include the City of Issaquah to the northeast and Mirrormont to the east of the District. The District shares no boundaries with either of these purveyors.

How We Operate
The District is a municipal corporation as set forth in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Title 57 and authorized by King County ordinances. The District is subject to Federal, State and Local regulations. Three local citizens are elected to KCWD90’s Board of Commissioners by voters living within the District's Boundaries. The Board of Commissioners establishes District water rates, sets policies, and oversees operations. The Board meets regularly on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. All meetings are open to the public. Day-to-day District administrative and operational duties are carried out by a thirteen-member staff, along with consulting engineers and counsel.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
What should I expect for an average bill?

There is a bi-monthly base charge for our residential customers of $51.00, as of January 1, 2016. The base charge includes the first 5 hundred cubic feet of water. (One hundred cubic feet of water equals 748 gallons) Additional water usage will be billed according to actual consumption per one hundred cubic feet, based on the following schedule: 0 - 5 ccf's included in base rate; 6 - 15 ccf's $3.00 per ccf; 16 - 25 ccf's $3.45 per ccf; 26 + ccf's $4.10 per ccf.

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